Bike paradise in Gerlos

Are you a mountain bike enthusiast and do you want to join other likeminded people on the unique trails of the Zillertal Arena? Then look no further!

Our Bike Aktiv program boasts numerous impressive bike tours. Whether you are a sporty mountain bike beginner, an X-country rider, a marathon fanatic or an enduro rider, we have the perfect tour for you! From 27th of June until 23rd of September 2022 you can take part in one of our various tours. From Monday until Friday, we offer bike trips at different difficulty levels. Which actual tours we´ll do, depends on weather conditions and the mood of our guests. Just drop by the music pavilion at 10:00 and enjoy a wonderful action filled day with one of our bike guides.


an action filled day on the unique trails of the Zillertal Arena

Why do a guided tour?
Secret trails – Fun in the Group - Tips about bike techniques – Information about nature, culture and mountains – Bike safely with our guides, who help you out in case of a breakdown or an accident – culinary Highlights – no wrong turns

FAMILY TOUR: max. 400 m ascent, easy runs (children from 10 years old only when accompanied by an adult)

ARENA BIKER: max. 700 m ascent, easy single trails – for sporty beginner

TRAILSURFER: max. 1,000 m ascent, moderate single trails – for single trail lovers

SINGLETRAIL INTRO: learn the perfect technique and discover the Kick off riding singletrails together with our guides, short uphills, cable car rides.

PEAK PERFORMER: max. 1,500 m ascent, easy to moderate trails

ENDURO: moderate trails and short uphills, cable car rides and bike shuttle

E-MOUNTAINBIKE: try a Tour with the new E-Bikes, till 50 km max., easy Trails, great views, best huts for lunch. (from 1,50 m Body height)

Subject to Change! We adapt our tours to our guests´s desires and weather conditions.

Tour selection

  • Family Tours- valley Wildgerlostal– valley Schönachtal – valley Krummbachtal
  • Arena Biker – Gletscherblickalm – Panorama Tour light – Salzachjoch light – Stauseerunde till Trissslalm
  • Trailsurfers – Panorama Tour Isskogel – Ronachtrail – Krimml Tour – Germkogel
  • Enduro – Kapauns Trails – Wiesenalm Tour – secrets of Isskogel - Gerlosstein
  • Peak Performer – Summit Isskogel – Larmachalm – Kreuzjoch Surounding – Markkirchl
  • E-Mountainbike – Summit Isskogel – Larmachalm – Markkirchl – Gletcherblickalm

Subject to Change! We adapt our tours to our guests´s desires and weather conditions.

Bike Aktiv Weekly program

Discover our different bike tours from Monday until Friday and experience them in a group.



  • 10.00   Family E-Bike Tour – Schönachtal 200 altimeters (Kids from 7 years)* !Only E-bike!
  • 10.00 – 13.00 Singletrail Intro with technique training (Isskogeltrails, cable car) protective equipment is required!
  • 14.00 Enduro - Isskogel & more

* E-Bike allowed



  • 10.00 Arena Biker - Isskogel – Kreuzwiese 600 altimeters*
  • 10.00 Trailsurfers – Salzachjoch over Ronach 1,000 altitude*
  • 16.00 Bike Intro with technique training*

* E-Bike allowed



  • 10.00 E-bike intro tour with technique training !Online E-bike!
  • 10.00   Singletrail intro with technique training (Isskogeltrails, cable car)
  • 14.00 Arena Biker: Gletcherblickalm 700 altitude*

* E-Bike allowed



  • 10.00   Family tour with technique training (valley Wildgerlostal 300 altimeters - 22 km)*
  • 10.00   Trailsurfer (Krimml & Back) 700 altimeters, Bikeshuttle* !also E-Enduro Bike!

* E-Bike allowed



  • 10.00 Peak Performer - Tour, till 1500 altimeters*
  • 10.00 Enduro Tour – Kapauns Trails – cable car, bike shuttle * !also E-Enduro Bike!

* E-Bike allowed