A nice start of the week

From 23rd June until 20th September, all guests of the Bergaktiv member accommodations can participate in our program free of charge. Come rain or shine, we do three guided hikes a day! We offer a varied program, seeking balance between exercise, relaxation and healthy nutrition.
Please wear hiking boots for all tours. The rental shops in town can provide you with bikes, boots, rain wear, backpacks and telescopic poles.

Difficult hiking category 1

Stramme Wadel Tour

MItterjoch Roller / Falschriedl

Meeting point: 10am music pavilion

Mitterjoch Roller:
Ascent-descent: 850 altimeters
Total duration: approx. 6 hours; Car

Ascent: 250 altimeters
Descent: 1.200 altimeters
Total duration: approx. 6,5 hours; Car

For more information about the tour, please contact your hotel or Berg Aktiv office. (Opening hours SO - FR from 9 am - 10.30 am).


IMPORTANT: appropriate footwear
(i.e.hiking boots)

Easy hike

Conformity hike

in the Schönachtal

Meeting point: 10am music pavilion

Ascent: 150 altimeters

Total duration: approx. 4 hours
Total walking time: approx. 2,5 hours

Easy hike in beautiful nature to the Schönachtal to the Lackenalm (1.400m). After a refreshment, we walk back to Gerlos at a leisurely pace. You will get interesting hiking tips and an insight into the numerous hiking possibilities in Gerlos.

IMPORTANT: appropriate footwear
(i.e.hiking boots)

Moderate hike (middle)

Romantic hike

to the Bärschlagalm

Meeting point: 10am music pavilion

Descent: 150 altimeters

Total duration: approx. 4,5 hours
Total walking time: approx. 3 hours

From Gerlos, we will walk upstream the Alter Gerlosbach-brook, through the Innertal, towards the water reservoir. We´ll do some sightseeing at the damn and hike through the forest to the romantic hut of Bärschlagalm. After a refreshing snack, we resume our walk back to Gerlos.

IMPORTANT: appropriate footwear
(i.e.hiking boots)

Flying Fox

A highlight for adrenaline addicts

Two routes on the flying fox at the Riederklamm, 80 meters above ground and 200 meters Long!
Guided tour only, dry weather conditions necessary.

Meeting point: 4.00pm at the Riederklamm parking lot.

Duration: approx. 1,5 hour (incl. 10 minutes walk)

Equipment: Appropriate footwear (ie. Hiking or trekking shoes)

Price: € 20,- per person
Minimum age: 8 years or 25kg body weight

Advance booking required!

Back Exercises

Healthy back work out

Meeting point: 4.30pm Music pavillon

Duration: approx. 1 hour

By doing some toning and mobilization exercises, we strengthen our back, we improve on flexibility and achieve a general feeling of well-being.

IMPORTANT: please bring a towel